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We provide non-invasive, rehabilitative solutions for some of the most common neurological conditions

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Nexus Brain Center is an educational state-of-the-art brain rehabilitation clinic focused on providing non-invasive treatment options for some of the most common neurological conditions, as well as helping athletes reach their optimal potential.

We specialize in the functional assessment of concussion, migraine, dizziness/vertigo, stroke, chronic pain, and more, while offering rehabilitative options like vestibular rehabilitation, eye-motion rehabilitation, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy, and nutritional/hormonal interventions.

We pride ourselves on delivering customized, results-driven rehabilitative programs to our patients while educating the next generation of neuro-rehab experts.

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Your brain relies on your muscles, joints, and skin to understand where your body parts are in 3D space. Our program integrates specific chiropractic care, myofascial release, cold laser therapy, electrical stimulation, and other in-office physical therapy modalities to improve your musculoskeletal health.


The vestibular system helps your brain understand where your head is in 3D space, and contributes to your overall balance, posture, and spatial awareness. Specificity is key when retraining the vestibular system. We design customized vestibular exercise routines to make your therapies as effective as possible.


Abnormal eye movements can negatively affect your spatial awareness and contribute to your symptoms. We help identify eye-motion abnormalities using state-of-the-art technology that records and graphs your eye movements. We use this information to build you a targeted eye-motion therapy routine.


Nutritional and hormonal issues can make your rehabilitation more challenging, and can also lead to fatigue, weight-gain, pain, brain fog, mood abnormalities, and more. We help improve your nutrition and hormonal balance non-invasively with dietary recommendations, supplementation, and laboratory testing.


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